Law of Enforcement and Insolvency

Enforcement and Bankruptcy Law Enforced enforcement activity for all activities that serve the fulfillment of requests arising from substantive law by the authorized organs and power of the state; The branch of law that regulates the rules regarding this is called the law of enforcement (execution and bankruptcy law).

Enforcement and bankruptcy law is based on a 2-party system. The parties to the proceeding are the creditor and the debtor. The party making the request and initiating enforcement proceedings is the creditor, and the party against whom proceedings have been initiated, that is, the party that is obliged to pay the debt, is the debtor.

-Objection to foreign exchange tracking

-Application to the remedy of complaint against the actions of the enforcement officer regarding the follow-up

-All kinds of negative determination and recovery cases arising from the law of follow-up

-Actions for annulment of objection to enforcement proceedings and removal of objection

-The cases of termination of the forced real estate tender

-All kinds of litigation

-Procedures for the forced sale of the real estate