Environmental Law

We provide legal services for disputes especially regarding cases filed with the request of the suspension of execution and annulment of the Environmental Impact Assessment ("EIA") Positive Decision seen in the Administrative Court.

An Environmental Impact Assessment will be applied for the determination of the negative effects of large projects such as refineries, thermal power plants, metal industry facilities, ports and shipyards, hydroelectric power plants, mining and cement factories and for the measures to be taken to minimize these effects in a way that does not harm the environment. In the event that the Environmental Impact Assessment Negative Decision is given or the EIA Positive Decision is canceled by a judicial decision, it will not be possible to implement the project and start the investment.
Our expert team, who is very knowledgeable in the procedures and principles for the preparation of the EIA Report set forth in the Environmental Law and the Environmental Impact Assessment Regulation, is not only in the administrative jurisdiction, but also in the process of creating the EIA Report, submitting the application file to the Administration, public participation meeting, scope and special He participated in the format determination meeting, examination and evaluation commission studies and made legal contributions during the preparation of the EIA Reports. 

In addition, efforts to harmonize Turkish legislation with the EU Acquis under the Environment Title and international agreements to which Turkey is a party are closely followed in order to provide quality service to our clients regarding Environmental Law.